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Stratco Cooldek Ignis Certificate

Product Description

Stratco Cooldek® insulated roofing panels consist of an Expanded Polystyrene core with low Fire Hazard Properties bonded to non-combustible profiled steel sheets. The profiled steel sheets are available in a variety of styles.

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Stratco Cooldek Flashing Guide


This guide provides details of various flashings to be used in conjunction with Stratco Cooldek® insulated panels to improve

the aesthetics, weather protection, durability and fire resistance of Stratco Cooldek® roofing and patios. These flashings are

available for both Cooldek® CGI and Cooldek® Classic insulated panels.

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Benefits of having an insulated outdoor area

Outdoor living is part of the Queensland life style.

Having an outdoor entertainment area is a must, but you need to be protected from the harsh summer including rain & sun and also the early morning winter cold and condensation.

Adding an insulated patio roof (Stratco cooldek) to your home, or for that matter a free standing structure, is a major decision and you want to be sure you are getting best bang for your bucks.

One of the main reasons for having an entertainment area is lifestyle, along with the hidden fact that it is not a cost but rather an investment. Other factors are keeping your family and friends protected, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

Insulated roofing (Stratco cooldek) not only keeps your house cool in summer and warm in winter (no condensation), but also keeps you in the same manner.  Stratco cooldek roofing otherwise known as sandwich panel restricts the growth of mildew along with minimizing outside noises from rain and storms.

The spanning capabilities as Stratco Cooldek is cost effective as you need fewer posts to support your roofing, especially over larger spans giving you more room to entertain with family and friends.

No Stracto cooldek roof is complete without lighting and fans courtesy of a concealed cavity between sheets to enable conduit and jet line for safe electrical connections.

When choosing a Stratco Cooldek Patio, speak to a qualified patio builder who will design an entertainment area that suits you, your home and your budget.

We shall always advise you on the best materials to benefit your lifestyle. To speak with our professional team contact G.W. Patios and Carports today on 33931399.


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The most effective way to clear out the gutters on my patio & carport stratco

As experienced patio, carport & home builders, we receive a lot of questions in regards to maintaining patios, carports & house roofs.

Keeping your gutters free from leaves etc. can prevent them from overflowing and having water leak back into your ceiling easily. In semi-rural or bushland areas, leaf litter can also be a fire hazard. Clean gutters can save you a lot of worry and money in the long run.

If you are noticing your gutters overflowing and excess amounts of water are making their way into your house or beneath your patio or carport. It might be a good time to scale a ladder and take a look for yourself and see how clogged your gutters are.

Gutters can get obstructed with all types of vegetation matter along with the odd tennis ball & toys. Cleaning your gutters is a simple job and can help prevent further maintenance down the track including blocked down pipes and drains. Before you decide to climb your ladder, you must be conscious of what is around you for example a power lines. Make sure you wear good strong shoes, not thongs or slip-ons.

Another optional extra is a device called a ‘Ladders Little Helper’ which holds your ladder steady, and stops you ladder from scratching the gutter. Alternatively, you can wrap an old towel on the ladder where it meets your gutter. Use a small tidy brush to move debris along so you can collect & dispose of the leaves. Once the large matter has been removed, you can use your hose to flush away what is left down your nearest down pipe or wait for the next decent rain.

You will find with regular maintenance fewer problems will arise with blocked gutters, down pipes and drains.




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A PATIO or deck cover can transform and add value to your home.

It creates an indoor-outdoor area which provides more living and dining space which is ideal for the Queensland climate.

A well-designed patio can transform the front of your home.

This is particularly effective for homes that do not have any front facade.

The addition of a patio to a plain looking home can re-suit in a total facelift. Not only will you have the benefit of enjoying the patio space but this transformation will also significantly add to the resale value of your home.

A patio cover over a back yard deck or tiled/concreted area will also improve your outdoor living area.

A covered entertainment area at the back of the home has the potential to create a “wow factor”.

This again adds value to the home.

If you have a timber deck area, constructing a covering over this will provide protection against the elements which will reduce maintenance costs and extend the longevity of the area.

Article Reference: South East Advertiser


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The Stratco Light Box offers a day or night lighting solution to compliment the outstanding properties of Stratco’s Cooldek. Now the excellent thermal performance, low noise appeal, and beautiful ceiling-like finish of Cooldek can be combined with a low profile, integrated rooflite to bring more enjoyment to your outdoor lifestyle – all year round. The Cooldek Light Box can be fitted with optional energyefficient, dimmable LED lights for the ultimate in day & night outdoor living enjoyment.

Cutout size: 400mm x 800mm

Visible diffuser size: 350mm x 750mm

Must not be installed in adjacent Cooldek sheets.

Key Features & Benefits

  • High light transfer combined with excellent weather protection
  • Two separate layers with large air cavity to minimise heat transfer
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The Stratco Cool Light offers a day or night lighting solution to compliment the outstanding properties of Stratco’s Cooldek. Now the excellent thermal performance, low noise appeal, and beautiful ceiling-like finish of Cooldek can be combined with a low profile, integrated rooflite to bring more enjoyment to your outdoor lifestyle – all year round. 

The Cooldek Cool Light can be fitted with optional energy-efficient, dimmable LED lights for the ultimate in day & night outdoor living enjoyment

  • Cooldek gap width: 250mm 
  • Visible diffuser width: 200mm 

Can be installed between every Cooldek sheet. 

Key Features & Benefits

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Now is the right time of the year to think about an outdoor area for upcoming Christmas and the warmer months in QLD. With the South East Qld temperatures heading north after the August westerlies, a covered entertainment area will be a must welcome, once spring has sprung and beyond.

To take full advantage of your new outdoor entertainment area, an outdoor kitchen or a barbeque comes to mind.

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Flyover Patio & Carport- BENEFITS


With over 50 years in the building Industry a fly over structure not only improves your lifestyle options but also adds additional value to your existing property. With advanced engineering and building solutions this flyover /elevated patio and carport structures are becoming very popular. The reason being numerous of added advantages it brings along.

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Council Regulations apply to all S.E. QLD Councils, with a few exceptions. For simplicity let us stick with Brisbane City council, Redland City Council and Logan City council. This reference guide is for all site blocks 450m2 and above.

For small site blocks or for special and commercial applications, speak with your local council or a private certifier.

PATIO: 1500mm needed as a Setback: - This means construction is to finish no closer than 1500m to side and rear boundaries. If you require finishing closer, then you will need a ‘siting variation’, commonly referred to as a “relaxation”. This is an additional fee on top of your general certification fee.

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Removing a patio awning is much less difficult than installing one, but it does require a significant amount of forethought. Now, that you have decided to remove the patio/carport awning, First decide the purpose because different purpose requires a different approach. There could be many reasons why you have to remove a patio/carport awning.

  •       To do some repairs 
  •      Replacing your awning with a new one,
  •       Completely remove patio awning as you think  it is no longer functional

       Before Pulling Down the Old Patio                                                                                                                                                

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Commercial Patio/Carports Builders

GW Patios don’t just do single and double bay carports but they are also equally well expert at doing larger scale and more complex projects including multi-residential structures. The building teams are well organised and managed which gives them the ability to get the projects done quickly and in the budget. The staff has all the necessary skills to work on commercial patio and carport building projects effectively and efficiently. Before of starting any project a solid strategic plan is made, focusing on the timeline, high-quality effectively.

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Why should you hire GWPatios for your Carport, Caravan Shelters or Patios building projects?

From initial product design through to on-site installation GWPatios team members work with a keen attention to detail. Clients don’t need to worry about anything and just leave all worries on us because everything is fully insured. 

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Dangers of self-installation of Carport Kits

Avoiding a professional licensed carport installer and using Carport Kits to do self-installation can probably save a bit of your money but putting you under big risks. 

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If you’re looking for the very best car port or patio for your home, this Patio Help Guide brochure will provide you with the information and the inspiration to choose the best possible product. For decades, GW Patios and Stratco  products have helped homeowners and landscaping professionals to achieve beautiful and practical results. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile. Our patios are installed by professionals from our own registered installers. It’s how we ensure that our customers can trust us to meet their expectations every time. Order now so that your structure is ready before Christmas.

Download Patio Help Guide Brochure here.

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Selecting a contractor

Finding a licensed contractor

When you’re getting building work done it’s important to use a licensed con tractor, as they have the relevant qualifications and experience to complete your job. You have a few options.

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When you need a licence


If you work in a building industry in Queensland, chances are you need a licence. We have clear definitions when you do need a licence and we outline the different factors which determine the requirement to be licensed.

There are situations when you don’t need to apply for a licence. For example, if you do handyman work or small jobs, you probably don’t need one. This may also be true if you are a subcontractor, but there are exceptions. You can also find out about the specific licensing requirements for those working in the commercial sector.

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Stratco - Selection, Use and Maintenance of Stratco Steel Products

Download: Stratco---Selection-Use-and-Maintenance.pdf

stratco patios- selection and Maintainence

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Benefits of Insulated Patio Covers

Patio covers have become quite popular in recent years for homeowners looking to improve their outdoor space. Covers provide sun and rain protection that will allow you to spend more comfortable time outside. They also will keep your furniture dry, allowing it to last for several years. A cover can also reduce your energy bills and make your yard look even prettier. Insulated patio covers offer even more benefits to homeowners.

Insulated patio covers have a piece of insulation in the middle of two pieces of patio cover material. One popular choice of material is aluminium. Aluminium is lightweight, non-toxic, and will last for many years because it is quite durable. Aluminium is much less expensive than a wood or metal cover, and is available in many different colours, designs and finishes. They can withstand extreme rain or sun as well as scratching. They can be cleaned very easily and very little maintenance otherwise. To clean it, all you need to take is a broom to it with some cleaning solution.

Insulated patio covers have an advantage over non-insulated counterparts because they can keep your patio even cooler in hot summer months. The insulation is made of foam sheets that are placed in the middle or two aluminium panels. This design enhances the cover’s effectiveness as a weather deterrent, and will also help reduce your energy bills by even more since it keeps the area under your patio cooler than ever before. Insulated cover can also have polystyrene cores and can be equipped with cleat connectors made of vinyl.

The covers are normally made with interlock features that make the padding useful since it becomes stuck tightly in between the aluminium pieces. Aluminium can be purchased with laminate finishes that will provide extra resistance during rain and snow periods. These covers will also mute the sound of raindrops, an added bonus. They require special treatments to your roof and can be fitted with plywood if you do not want an aluminium cover.

All in all, you have many options when purchasing a cover – you get to choose the material, whether it is insulated or not, and if you want a finished insulated cover or not. Be sure to do adequate research before buying so you buy what is best for you. I recommend insulated patio covers.  


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Entertainers paradise


The owners of this property have now transformed their barren back yard into an entertainers paradise.

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